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Grilled Ribeye with Infused Rosemary Herb Oil

With its balance of spicy sweetness, this rub will guarantee compliments to the chef at any grill out! Massage our Texas Dry Rub into your favorite beef or pork, brisket or ribs liberally. For best results, marinate the meat for 24 hours before grilling.


  • 1 2-inch thick Bone-In Rib Eye Tomahawk Steak (about 4-5 lbs)
  • STG Spiced Dry Rub
  • STG Garlic, Salt, and Pepper (GSP)
  • Organic Herb Oil • 16-20 rosemary sprigs (about 4-5 inches long)


  1. Remove Steak from refrigerator, rub liberally with Spiced Dry Rub on both sides. Sprinkle with the GSP, both sides.
  2. Cover and let the steak seasonings marinate on the steak while the steak comes to room temperature (about 1 hour)
  3. Remove about 1 tablespoon of rosemary from sprigs and chop. Add to 1 cup of Organic Herb Oil. Let set for 1 hour while steak is coming to room temperature.
  4. Bundle together and tie several sprigs of rosemary forming a small brush. Set the tips of the rosemary brush into the oil until ready to use.

Cooking on the grill

  1. Pre-heat grill to high (450-500 degrees if possible)
  2. Grill the first side 2-3 minutes to sear the steak and set the grill marks. Turnover and do the same on the other side (use a different part of the grill if possible to ensure the hotness of the grate) (do not close the lid during this process)
  3. Turn over to the first side rotating the steak 30-45 degrees to get cross grill marks (1-2 minutes) Turnover and do same with other side.
  4. Reduce heat on grill so that a temperature in the grill is about 350-375 degrees F
  5. Place steak in an area of indirect heat (no flame under steak, on a gas grill, either side with heat turned off under steak or on a charcoal grill with the charcoal to one side.)
  6. Grill until internal temperature of the steak is about 140 degrees F for medium rare, 150 degrees F for medium.
  7. Take off grill and rest for 3 minutes

To serve

  1. Cut along the bone and place the bone on a platter length wise.
  2. Carve the steak into 1/2 inch slices across the steak
  3. Arrange the slices along the bone length wise (it will look like the bone is attached)
  4. Use the rosemary brush to brush the infused oil over the steak slices and serve
  5. Put oil and brush on platter in case someone would like more rosemary.

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