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Red Kitchen Foods Mission Statement

“Create a unique, seamless event that provides Outstanding Professionalism, Great Food, and Fun!”

Build a long term enthusiastic working relationship with our customers.

Provide our customers with the best for their catering needs by insuring great quality food and excellent presentation with-in budget!

About Smokin’ Texas Gourmet

What began in a red painted kitchen more than 3 years ago, with a line of friends and family sampling Chef Peter’s recipes, has evolved into the Red Kitchen Foods brand we know today.

Red Kitchen’s flagship brand, Smokin’ Texas Gourmet has become the personal and professional kitchen mainstay among chefs, consumers, hotels, restaurants and culinary devotees across the country.

Since its inception, Proprietor Chef Peter Mollett has been making homemade happen” the healthy way, blending big Texas taste with healthy ingredients across the entire line of products.

All Smokin’ Texas Gourmet products are GO TEXAN Certified, an organization that promotes products, culture and communities that call Texas home.

Unlike what you typically find in professional spice racks, the Smokin’ Texas Gourmet products are prepared without MSG, they have no additives or preservatives and are prepared with reduced sugars and salts. In addition, the chef avoids high fructose corn syrups or sugars in recipes.

The entire product line is Gluten Free and Vegan and vegetarian friendly, encouraging flavor rich foods to suit any palette and most dietary considerations.

The mission of the Smokin’ Texas Gourmet product line comes from the passion to

  • All Products are GO TEXAN Certified
  • Creating All Natural, Locally Produced Products and Recipes in Texas
  • Providing artisanal, handcrafted products that are a departure from commodity foods
  • Concentrating on flavor and quality
  • Creating gourmet products, not commodity products that you see in every chef’s kitchen
  • Bringing “homemade” flavors to commercial kitchens
  • Creating recipes that are flavor rich but easy to understand and use
  • Concentrating on “flavor chemistry” in the research and development process

Today, chefs and restaurants from all over the country pull from our commercial spice rack which boasts more than 100 various spices and spice combinations, and we continue to stir the pot with flavor research and product development. For more information on available products, contact us at: customerservice@smokintexasgourmet.com.

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