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Category: Sauces

The Smokin’ Texas Gourmet BBQ and Specialty Sauces are great for grilling and for finishing poultry and meat favorites. We continue to expand our product line based on evolving Red Kitchen testing and feedback from our flavor loving customers. We offer a full line of sauces for every discerning palette. For those who like it mild, we have sauces for you. Some like it hot, and we have spicier sauce blends just for you.

You can use our sauces to your heart’s content in any way you can think of. Our Jalapeño Honey Mustard will add some twang to any recipe, and our variety of Pepper Sauces will heat things up with a surprising extra kick of flavor. You can try our sauces in almost any recipe. Use our flavor combos to spice up your chili, add some zest to soups, add a little Texas scramble to your eggs, or GO TEXAN with your Italian pizza recipes, and of course, emphasize the TEX in traditional Tex-Mex favorites.

From hamburgers and steaks on the grill to recipes for culinary connoisseurs, we have flavors that speak to almost any palette. All of our sauces are available in a Pepper Sauce Trio Pack, a great way to stock your kitchen, and perfect for gift giving.

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