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Every company needs a special sauce

In the culinary industry, where there’s a high failure rate, it’s essential for a company to define what sets them apart from the competition in order to be successful.

McDonalds, for example, created a special sauce for their Big Mac several years ago. The sauce helped McDonalds differentiate their product from the competition.

Like McDonalds, I think every culinary business needs a special sauce, or custom developed product. The special sauce increases brand recognition, which in turn drives higher sales. And for any company, higher sales are the best direction to trend.

I’ve custom developed products for several years. In my previous profession, I worked in new product development and as a product manager for new and existing products. My past experience as a research and development chemist has been a key component to my success.

Recently, I custom developed seasonings and sauces for Omni Hotels and Benchmark Hospitality, among other companies. Many of the products listed on my website are custom developed, including the Tres Chilies and Peach Salsas, Texas Especial Steak Sauce, Roasted Tomato and Sweet Onion Ketchup and Sweet Heat Barbecue Sauce.

Omni Hotels just launched an Umami Sauce last week in more than 30 of their hotels nationwide, which I custom-developed. Many of my custom-developed products are used and sold in restaurants, hotels, resorts and specialty and gift shops.

Developing a custom sauce involves for steps: determining what the client wants; researching the materials that will be used in the product development; creating formulas for sampling; tasting the product and making modifications as needed.

I really enjoy the creative process when custom-developing sauces. I get to make something special and out of the ordinary. My customers love the unique flavors that my products offer.

For companies looking to expand their marketing, a custom-developed sauce is the way to go. If you’re interested in developing a custom sauce, please contact me through email, by phone or use the custom development form off our website.

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