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Tailgating: How to take your party to go

It’s football season and that means it’s time to tailgate. We love tailgating during football season because there’s nothing better than grilling out at Cowboy stadium. The picture above is from our tailgating party last Sunday. We roasted a whole pig for the party and it’s was absolutely delicious!

There’s always thousands of people tailgating at Cowboy stadium and it’s pretty awesome to see what everyone is cooking. One year, we parked next to some tailgaters who were cooking a low country boil. We traded some of our meat for their seafood and we all enjoyed a nice surf and turf dinner that night!

We’ve also tailgated for Thanksgiving dinner. Deep fried turkey is definitely a southern delicacy!

It’s easy to be a professional tailgater but a must is ORGANIZATION! Organize a menu and then organize a checklist of items needed to fulfill the menu. Always bring more to cook than you think you need because your tailgate neighbors will want samples after they smell your delicious meal. Also, don’t forget tents or a canopy to stay cool in the shade.

Here’s a starter list of items you’ll need to take your party to go:

-Food and beverages TBD

-Grill and/or sauté burners


-Grill chimney

-Lighter fluid and lighter

-A cooler for food. Make sure to keep the food below 40 degrees.

-A cooler for beverages


-Pans for sauté burners (if preparing sauces or other food on burners)

-Cutting board

-Kitchen utensils (knives, spatulas, tongs)

-Aluminum serving dishes with lids to keep food warm

-Plates, utensils and cups for eating and drinking

-Aluminum foil

-Plastic bags for marinating food


-Disinfecting wipes

-Sanitizing solution to clean cutting boards/table

-Trash bags

-Tables to prepare food on and tables for eating


-Satellite dish and TV (optional)

Do you have something to add to the list? Leave us a reply below.

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