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Valentines Day is a Special Day!

How do you celebrate V-Day? Most couples treat themselves to a special dinner out! Do you go out for that special dinner or cook a special dinner for your “valentines” and celebrate at home?

My wife and I did the Valentine’s night out for many years. We have had great experiences, and less than great. Her birthday is within a week of Valentine’s day, and we decided a few years ago, to do V-day at home. Men, trust me when I say there is nothing that could be appreciated more, and be more of an aphrodisiac than treating your busy and stressed ladies in your life, to a great meal you plan and cook for her to celebrate a special day. Dining out is one of the great pleasures in life, and we love several places in DFW and wherever we go. But for V-Day, it’s an at-home meal for us!

I ask my special Valentine what she would like to have and then execute the menu….., have a great wine with dinner, we know it is going to be good, reasonable cost without all the hassle of waiting for our reservation and table and then driving home! This years Chef Peter’s menu is going to be special because my special Valentine is from Chicago and wanted a Chicago time capsule dish….”Shrimp De Jonghe” created in about 1912 by the chef from the old De Jonghe Hotel. Make no mistake, even though this is considered a “hot dish”, casserole, it is delicious! I am going to make it a surf and turf by pairing Beef Wellington with it and going to my German roots by having a special SautĂ© of White Asparagus. We will top it off with a light, healthy dessert, Fresh Fruit Greek Yogurt Brulee!

Stay tune for pictures on my Facebook page and twitter! Happy V-Day to all whatever you do for your special one!

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