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In 2013, it’s all about getting smoked and sauced

The New York Times recently listed its top 10 food trends of 2013. Among the culinary movements, the newspaper notes that smoked everything and full-flavored hot sauces will go viral in the New Year.

“In leading-edge restaurants like State Bird Provisions and Bar Tartine, smoking isn’t just for meat anymore. Smoked cream, ice cream and crème fraîche are the new normal on pastry menus, because cream is easy to smoke in a small kitchen, and rich enough to pick up the flavor well,” writes Julia Moskin of The New York Times.

At Smokin’ Texas Gourmet, we’re ahead of the culinary curve with a number of smoked items in our product line. You could even say we’re #1 fans of the trend, having named our company after the concept.

You can easily bring this trend to your kitchen with any number of our products, including our Texas Smoked Kosher Salt and Smokin’ Southwest Chipotle Seasoning.

Also making the 2013 list are full-flavored hot sauces, which are being used by trendsetting chefs across the country to drive cuisine to the next level.

“Hugh Acheson’s Empire State South, in Atlanta, is one of many Southern restaurants that set the national agenda this year. Grits and grains were explored; the potential uses of pimento cheese were mastered (straws, puffs, foam); country ham was added to every vegetable. Cutting through it all is a new generation of full-flavored hot sauces,” Moskin writes.

Like many of our culinary clientele have already discovered, hot sauces are an excellent way to enhance cuisine. From the mild jalapeno heat in our verde pepper sauce to the scorching blend in our Texas Twister, any of our hot sauces will bring out the flavor of your next culinary creation.

Here’s to a full belly, a heavy purse and a light heart. Happy New Year!

Read the full New York Times article here.

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